Hampshire Parish Magazines

Parish Magazines Hampshire

Parish magazines Hampshire provides you with one of the best ways to find local tradespeople. Parish Magazines Hampshire helps you find your local magazine no matter where in the country you are. These village magazine publications are not only great at keeping up with local affairs but a fantastic advertising platform for all local busineses. Anyone who is serious about expanding their business and raising their profile would do well to put this form of advertising high on their list.

Parish Magazines Hampshire

The best thing about these little local publications is that people tend to keep hold of them for a while. As they are local interest and have parish news and events coupled with the fact they are small these local publications can be kept to hand for months.  It is not unusual to advertise in  parish magazines in Hampshire and still be getting calls and customers after many months. If you get a chance to advertise in a local magazine try to get the top right hand box on the right side of the page. As part of your advertising campaign you should always ask your callers where they got your number.

Many businesses report they get more return on their advertising investment with parish magazines than all their other local advertising put together. The cost varies from village to village depending on the publication size but it isn't unusual to be able to target three or four thousand local potential customers for less than fifty pounds. If you do decide to market your business in a parish magazine Hampshire publication be sure  to advertise for at least 3 months or 3 publications minimum. By the time your potential customer has called you they would have seen your advert running for some time and know you are a respectable local business.


Most of the Parish magazines in Hampshire will also be looking for stories of local interest. If you fancy seeing your story in print then parish magazines are a great place to start. Space is at a premium so keep your story to around 250 words.


If there are Parish Magazines in Hampshire that you would like to see featured on Hampshire Post please contact us and we will add it as soon as we can.

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