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Everyone has an idea, and yes everyone can make money online. It is all well and good

having an idea to make money online in Hampshire but most people don’t know how to

turn their ideas into money. The biggest problem is all the different aspects you have to learn

in able to get your message/ service/ or idea across. You can get easy to use ‘done for you’ websites

now via 1and1 or similar but those sites look very dated and hardly ever show up in the search engine

rankings as they just aren’t coded well enough. The minimum requirement would be at least a WordPress

site like this one. Be careful though as there are 2 different WordPress sites and companies, both owned

by the same people. The correct one to use is the site. You will need some website making

knowledge though but we will help you with this. You will also notice that we have used the terms

‘make money online Hampshire’ and ‘make money online in Hampshire’ on this post, more about that later

but it doesn’t mean we are limiting ourselves to just making money online in Hampshire but will of course

we will be targeting everyone that uses the internet eventually.


The idea behind this post is to help the ‘normal’ person make money from their idea using their own

website, their own social media pages such as Facebook and Twitter and their own business pages such

as Linked In. We will teach you everything you need to know to make money online


It is no surprise that many ordinary people fail to ever make any money online because once you have your

initial idea there is so much to learn. First you need a website which means also getting hosting and a domain

name. You then need to write in a certain style and understand keywords and anchor text. Next comes search engine

optimisation and the realisation that search engine optimisation is different to search engine marketing. You may have noticed that there are other adverts on this page showing how to make money online and while I have no doubt that most not if all of them work and will make you something the hardest thing of all is getting people to your page in the first place.


This is where we come in as we draw on  the expertise of Connect Social Marketing and their search engine optimisation expertise to make sure your content get seen by as many people as possible. While the website we make is yours we work closely with you so that you only have to concentrate on the stuff you want to do, ensuring your website has the best chance possible of making you money.


There are many ways to make money from your website, we also help with this. You will probably already have heard tails of people making many thousands of pounds a week or even a day with their websites, while this is possible it is unlikely. We always aim for around one hundred pounds per week per website, but who knows! Just be realistic. There are many ways to monitize your website and all of them have their place, some make pennies per click, some make pounds per click, some pay you to fill out forms and give information, this is known as cost per action (CPA) while others pay you a commision for goods and services sold (Amazon & Groupon). We will discuss all options with you and set up what we think will work best for your site. unlike many other website design companies we never forget the website we make for you is yours!

The question that I get asked the most is if there is money to be made online then why don’t you do it yourself. My answer to that is “I do”! But the internet is so huge and the subjects so many I can’t possibly do anymore than I have. While I have my own sites that are about subjects that I know and like yours will be unique to you. whatever you choose your site to be about make it something you love. The old adage of do what you love first and the money will follow is never truer than when you are trying to make money online. You can put in as much effort as you want, but with all things you will find the more work you put in the more money you make. I would suggest putting in as much effort as you can for the first few months while your site gets ranked then parring back then, maybe even starting another one if your finances allow. Once your site is up and ranking you would still be wise to put in an hour or two’s work each week to keep the content fresh and up to date. It is very difficult to say a price for a website that is going to be designed to make you money as not only do we have to make a website but will have to spend an afternoon or two with you showing you how to use your site and show you how to post your new content. I would be very surprised if your site made any money in the first 12 weeks from start as the most important thing to do first is to get your site ranked in Google and the other search engines. While make money online Hampshire will do everything we can to help you you must be prepared to put in your own work. You really will find that the more you work and interact online the more you will make. There is an initial cost involved, it is down to you how quickly you can recoup that cost and move into profit.

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